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The handwriting recognition built-in to later Newton's is superb but it can still be tricky to enter text such as URL's and this package, based on ClipAssist, lets you use HWR and buttons to quickly build these strings.

URLwriter 1.0

© 1997, Joel M. Sciamma, Inventors Emporium
Free for existing users of ClipAssist 2.0, otherwise $16 US

What does it do?
Based on the same format as ClipAssist, URLwriter supports user-defined pages where URL's of all kinds can be captured very quickly by providing buttons that can enter the common components of a URL as a supplement to handwriting. Spaces are automatically suppressed.

The application is suitable for use on Newton 2.0 or later devices only.

Install this package on internal or external stores using the Newton Backup Utility, Newton Package Installer or similar software.

All other features are as for ClipAssist.

SIT URLwriter.sit (22k)ZIP (25k)

(Thanks to Victor Rehorst for help with the format of the ZIP archive)

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