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Lottery Number Generator
When the UK lottery began I kept being asked if the numbers my friends and family had chosen were "good" ones. So as to keep things based in some kind of reality, I wrote this package and gave it to them. It has won a few modest prizes but at 14 million-to-one against, the jackpot may be a long wait...

Lottery Number Generator 1.0

© 1997, Joel M. Sciamma, Inventors Emporium

What does it do?
This package generates six unique numbers selected randomly between the values 1 and 49 and sorts them in ascending order ready for entry onto your lottery form. It also allows changing of individual numbers by tapping them and pasting of sets of numbers at the caret.

The application is suitable for use on Newton 2.0 or later devices only.

Install this package on internal or external stores using the Newton Backup Utility, Newton Package Installer or similar software.

The package occupies just 6k of memory. It may be frozen when not in use.

This application does not create any soups or prefs on your Newton. To completely remove it, just scrub out the Lottery icon in the Extras Drawer or select the icon and choose Delete from the routing menu.

The downloads include the NTK source files for the package so you can examine how it has been built.

If you do something interesting with the code to extend the package, I would appreciate hearing about it!

SIT Lottery 1.0.sit (16k)ZIP Lottery (19k)

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