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When using the Newton, I felt I needed a floating text box that would allow me to copy an address from the Notepad then drag portions of it to the fields of Names application. When I had the prototype working it became apparent that it was useful at many more similar tasks.

ClipAssist 2.0

© 1997-2002, Joel M. Sciamma, Inventors Emporium
Shareware $16 US

ClipAssist augments your ability to move textual items from one location to another or one application to another via drag & drop by providing a small, floating & scrollable text area with multiple pages into which you can drag items which can then be pasted in one place or dragged out again into the fields of any slip.

Tremendously useful for adding contacts entered in the Notepad to your Names application, grabbing lots of small items from a Newton Book and pasting into a Works paper or spreadsheet, manipulating the contents of outlines and checklists or copying the contents of one slip or form to another - all without the tedious switching between applications.

Compare this to the clipboard where you can only copy one block of text and are forced to then paste it all in one location!

ClipAssist fully supports handwriting recognition and editing gestures so can be used in concert with Works applications to enter small amounts of text such as annotations in drawings.

ClipAssist also saves all text to its own soup continuously as you work, supports undo for most operations and has online help and a Newton Book manual.

Additional Functions

Functions are provided to clear all text or paste all text in the ClipAssist window.

ClipAssist supports screen rotation for all models that use it.

Undo is supported for all functions.

ClipAssist is designed to work with Newton devices using OS 2.0 or later and has been tested with MP120/130 running NOS 2.0 and MP2000/2100 and eMate with NOS 2.1

Text styles:
If text dragged to ClipAssist is entirely in the default font (the one that is used when writing in a new note) then it will be changed to the default font of ClipAssist which is Simple 10. This is to make as much of the text visible in ClipAssist's small window as possible.
Any other styles will be preserved when dragging to and from ClipAssist.

After having dragged several items from ClipAssist into another place, delete the blank lines remaining by selecting them by tapping and holding until you see the selection blob then dragging through them vertically.

You can extend the selection by scrolling the text by a few lines then adding to the previous selection by making another back towards it. To delete a selected area, scrub into the edge of it.

(icons for sit and zip versions)

SIT ClipAssist 2.sit (39k)ZIP CLPAST2.ZIP (47k)

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