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Newton Books
Newton devices have the ability to present pre-built, read-only documents called Newton Books that can include text and graphics, have good navigational controls and can be graphically annotated by the reader. It's a sort of Adobe Acrobat for the Newton.

There are hundreds of Newton Books out there on every kind of subject and you can find a lot of them at these sites:

Project Gutenberg:

Pudge's Pad perl Newton Books:

Steve Weyer:

Internet Movie Database for Newton:

I have created some Newton Books for my own use that may be of interest. All books have proper overviews and some use hotlinks to navigate.

ASCII Codes Reference

ASCII Screenshot
The complete ASCII character set 0-255 with the decimal, hex and keyboard equivalents, the character and its name or meaning (where applicable).

Orientation: Any Newton
Length: 14 pages
Installed Size: 39k

sit All ASCII Codes.sit (25k)

zip All ASCII (27k)

Newton Unicode Reference

Unicode Screenshot
This book includes Macintosh and Unicode (16 bit) character codes for the high 128 (128 thru 254) characters in the Newton character set.

Reproduced in Espy Sans to obtain the representative characters for the Newton.

Blanks from the original list in the NewtonScript Reference have been filled in by calls to the inspector.

Orientation: Any Newton
Length: 9 pages
Installed Size: 5k

sit Unicode.sit (3k)

zip (4k)

Newton 2.x Errors Reference

Errors Screenshot
Lists all system errors for NOS 2.x grouped into sections and, with all Newton Books, searchable for the error you have been presented with.

Orientation: Any Newton
Length: 42 pages
Installed Size: 29k

sit Exceptions 2.0.sit (12k)

zip Exceptions (15k)

Clothes Care Symbols

Clothes Screenshot
What are all those funny symbols on your clothes?

This book covers most of the common ones that I have been able to find and seem to cover my threads.

Orientation: All Newtons
Length: 5 pages
Installed Size: 8k

sit Clothes Care.sit (6k)

zip Clothes (6k)

Coming soon…

Electronics Basics

A compilation of electronics data, circuits and related information I find handy to have easy access to. Waveforms and basic formulae are done but circuits have to be drawn.

Geometry Basics

A quick reference to the formulas for determining areas, perimeters, volumes and other attributes of 2D and 3D geometric shapes. Graphics are nearly done but equations have to be checked.

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